US H4 dependant visa

US H4 Dependent VisaUSCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) allow few people to enter states if they are the immediate family members of a person who is holding H-1B. This allows them to enter United States and live with them. These family members include only spouses and dependent kids who are aged under 21. Visa holders of H-1A, H-1B, H-2A and H-2B to sponsor visa of their family members. The principal applicant who is always the H-1B holder has to make sure that of they are planning to take their family with them then they must apply for the visa at the same time. It helps the process of immigration if both the applications are submitted simultaneously. The duration of stay of H4 visa holder can be the same as that of principal applicant who is holding H-1B/ H-2B visa.

H4 Visa

The H4 visa holder is allowed to enter states only on condition that they their sponsor should have at least H-1B visa. If the applicant is being accompanied by the principal applicant at the same time then they are generally advised to go through the process all together. If the H4 visa applicant is spouse of H1-B visa holder than they may asked to produce proof stating the same.

Requirements of applying for H4 visa

The applicant needs to be having a proof stating that what relationship they hold with the principal applicant. The last name and first American should be clearly mentioned in the application while the process of the application is going on. The sufficient evidence generally also includes stuff such as a wedding album to show the immigration authorities to prove one’s relationship with the principal applicant. While kids of the principal applicant should have a birth certificate stating the name of the principal applicant. Even after receiving visa from the immigration office one must check for the errors and report it as soon as possible.

Benefits of holding H4 Visa

The H4 visa allows anyone to stay as long as the principal applicant is staying in the states. The H4 visa holder is allowed to study in any school or university and choose any course there. The H4 visa holder can also apply for driver license and get it through the same process. The H4 visa holder, according to the recent rule can also work in US after duration. The H4 visa holder also has the liberty to apply for the bank account and file form for tax. Along with all the perks, H4 visa holder is relatively free for many legal processes.

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