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US government introduces the guest worker pilot program

The US government is always trying to improve its economical condition by allowing more skilled immigrants to its country. Currently the senator initiates a plan of guest worker pilot program for the foreigners. The program has planned to address the gap that currently within the H-1B visa program for highly-skilled immigrants and the temporary visa program for seasonal workers. The deal reforms the process of immigration by providing H-2C non immigrant classification. The newly introduce guest worker program will provide a 10 year-long visa to the candidates. The terms and conditions of the program are to allow the workers less than a bachelor’s degree to do non-frame work. It will help America to increase its work force. The program will increase the cap from 65,000 to 85,000 a year to match economic demand. The program also provides strict requirements that the hiring authorities must look for US worker before allowing the foreign worker for this purpose. The policy will allow the employers and workers grater portability to change the jobs and work if the employers are not hiring them for work positions. During the program a analysis must have to maintain regarding the effects of the program on wages, economical conditions and the employment welfare. The program also increases the impact of America in the labor market. The current plan is only to improvise the work force and human resource for the rapid development of the economy. The startegy has been carried out by the government is a purely commercial. It  may be an opportunity for the under graduate peoples to  immigrate US and improve the standard of living. This kind of visa program is very much flexible and market based. The program will surely give a boost to the economy of the nation. Many intellectuals have positive responds regarding matter.

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