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Why US Proposes To Expand The Work Permits To Foreign Students
Posted on: 29 Jul 2015  |   Tags: US Work Permit ,

US desires to attract large number of students from abroad which includes India, the Obama administration has proposed to offer six year work permit to few categories of foreigners who come to US for study purpose.

How Indian Tends To Benefit from New Regulations

As per the new regulations proposed by the Department of Homeland security, the foreign students in technology, engineering, science and Maths are collectively referred as STEM would be permitted work in US for 6 years. 3 years after completing the undergraduate program and then if required another 3 years after graduate programme.

What Is Present Regulation

  • Presently the foreign students are only authorized to work for 12 month period (i.e.) an year, after graduation from a US degree programme.
  • Additional 17 months of employment is offered to foreign students graduating form Science, Technology, engineering and math (STEM) degree program.

Where New Proposal Has Been Submitted?

This new proposal has been submitted to the Senate judiciary committee, as per the new policy students belonging to non Stem category would get work permit for 3 years if these students had previously STEM degree. As number of students from India, mainly opt for STEM courses, the proposal if implemented would be beneficial to many Indian students.

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students

A different university does have different admission policies. The university, where the student has applied would tell what they need to determine in order to approve the students that they are academically eligible. Among other requirements, the students need to present the evidence that they have enough money to support themselves while they study. They need to have health insurance cover to cover all medical expenses, should they need any medical assistance. Once the university has determined that the application is complete and is academically eligible. They will provide acceptance letter stating that, they are ready to provide admission or letter of acceptance.

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