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New US Immigration Plan Favours Highly Skilled Workers

New US Immigration Plan Favours Highly Skilled Workers

The US president comes out with unfamous immigration programs that often cover many people in the opposite way, and give the opinion that the doors of the US are slowly getting closed to newcomers, particularly from the third world countries.

This time around, he is reportedly about to outline a plan to address border security more stringent, and set the legal immigration system, to help those who have the eligible criteria like the knowledge of English skills, qualifications, and offers of employment.

Motive To Join Republicans

As per some commentators, the president is interested to unite the US Republicans on a topic that has often carried them on the opposite directions.

Even though its possibilities of permission from the US Congress do not appear high, the plan will, supposedly, help and provide Republicans something to give their support to.

Family-Based Laws Ruled Previously but Now the Scenario is Different

For too long, the Country immigration laws have supported family-based immigration, and close to 66 percent of all individuals, who have obtained Permanent Residency (P.R.) & Green Cards each year, have family connections to those residing in the abroad.

While around 1.1 million individuals come every year, the modern immigration plan from US president would keep legal immigration fairly stable, family-based immigration would be back just 33 percent of that. In its place, high-skilled people, with job offers, would be favored, and they may lead with them their partners and children.

Important Issues Neglected

Allegedly, the US president’s recent plan neglects many vital issues. For instance, it doesn’t speak about some of the discussed immigration subjects. It additionally doesn’t speak about the “Dreamer” immigrants children in the nation unlawfully or foreigners in the country below Temporary Protected Status. The plan also neglects to include provisions, to support farmers and different seasonal recruiters to welcome a higher number of guest workers.

Skilled Workers Favored

In its point, the legal migration programs of the countries of Japan, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand were investigated and opinions sought as to how to change US laws more towards bringing skilled workforce and restricted on bringing families.

Post examining the systems of the other countries, the observers decided that the source of 12% of immigration to the US was skilled professionals. The number stood at 63 percent for Canada, 68 percent for Australia, 57 percent for New Zealand, and 52 percent for Japan respectively.

By favoring newcomers proficient in English language and with degrees or training and employment offers supposedly, plan to permit as high as 57 percent of the Green Cards, and the permanent lawful residency depends on employment.

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