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NY Introduced New Law That Grants Citizenship To Undocumented Immigrants

In a move to put smiles on the faces of thousands, New York Democrats have introduced a new legislation, which enables undocumented immigrants to apply for the United States citizenships. It has to be mentioned here that several people have entered the United States and settled there for the past few decades. All of them, who were tagged as undocumented immigrants, were not given any rights that a US citizen enjoys. In a sensational step, New York state senator decided to grant all these undocumented immigrants, the rights enjoyed by US citizens. The new legislation adopted in the recent assembly would now enable the undocumented immigrants to take part in voting. Apart from this, they would automatically be eligible to receive medical assistance—medicaid. The Senate has, however, said that such undocumented immigrants need to submit residence proof for the last three year.  In addition, they would also be required to submit a copy of their identity proofs and New York state tax payments. Named Home Act Bill of New York, the bill received an overwhelming response from the residents of New York City. The sources close to Senate have told us that Congress had failed to address the immigration problems of the locals and therefore the present government looked into the issue.

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