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Non-Immigrant H-3 Visa for International Students
Posted on: 30 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

Non-Immigrant H-3 visaThe rate of immigration is increasing in a rate of geometric progression. Higher education and the job opportunities are two major reason of immigration. The H-3 non-immigrant visa category permits the n students coming temporarily to America as a trainee or a special education exchange visitor. In US trainee receive the practical training of his relevant course. The program helps the international students to enhance their wisdom level and to gain the practical ideas regarding their respective domains. Students in US to take part in a special education exchange visitors training program that provides the training regarding the education of the physically challenged children. The H-3 trainee must be invited by an individual or an institution for the purpose of receiving practical knowledge in the field of agriculture, commerce, finance, communications, government, transportation any other professions. The H-3 classification is not for the purpose of US employment. The program is proposed to provide the job related training to the candidates to increase his work experiences. This will be a career boost for the trainees. To provide the H-3 classification the US employer must demonstrate some basic things. The candidate can get this visa if the concerned training is not available his own country. The foreign country will not be placed in a position where the permanent residences of US are working. The foreign student cannot also be implemented in a productive employment unless the job is necessary for the training. The training will benefit the beneficiary to the students to for the carrier opportunity outside America. In special education exchange visitor program, only 50 applications can be approved for this purpose. The training program must be supervised by highly professional trained staff. The program should include various descriptions such as nearing the completion of any higher degree program in special education or the candidate has already obtained a higher degree in special education. The last one is the candidate has the training experience to trained the physically and mentally challenged children.

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