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UK Tier 2 Work Permits - Sponsored Visa To UK


UK Tier 2 Work Permits - Working in foreign nations would be a rewarding experience for not the skilled professionals but also for the individuals who have strong desire of working in abroad. We cannot just say regarding the financial benefits but are also much helpful in enhancing one skill and employment prospects.

Why Choose UK Work Permit?

The UK  has topped the chart in all respects and an overseas individual visiting this beautiful land can never go back disappointed. Also, this progressive nation is well-known for offering high-paid salaries for who wish to stand apart from the crowd by leading a quality lifestyle. Knowing this every year, thousands of overseas skilled professionals are lodging their applications for UK immigration. To live and work in UK? Get the desired work permit or visa of the nation to be eligible to reside in the province till the completion of the work permit duration. The overseas worker who is with a definite intention of work in the UK needs to get themselves updated the existing process and regulations to land in their dreamland at a faster pace.

Employment Opportunities In UK

With flourishing and thriving economy, United Kingdom has reportedly become as a nation of choice for many overseas skilled professionals. Though the visa process of UK Tier 2 Employee Visa and UK Tier 2 Employee Sponsored Visa is a little bit complicated and lengthy, many are keen about migrating to the UK for working.

UK Tier 2 Work Permit Eligibility

In general, the United Kingdom follows points based system for recruiting the skilled professionals. And individuals who are in a plan of obtaining the skilled worker visa of the province must be an experienced employee from outside with good skills and should also hold a certificate of sponsorship from the United Kingdom employer who holds a Tier-2 work permit. In general, this particular visa class lets a foreign worker live in the UK for a duration of five years and 14 months or till the period mentioned on the relevant certificate by adding up the long stay month.

Categories of UK Tier 2 Visas

The following are the four classes for UK Tier 2 Visa

  • Skilled Worker
  • Intra-Company Transfer
  • Sports People
  • Minister of Religion

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