Spanish student visa

Higher study in abroad university is one of the biggest desires of so many students of the different region. Education has a significant role in the modern era. The society needs more innovative people for the purpose of rapid development in the field of modern technology. The skilled and talented international students have a vital importance to avoid the skill shortage in this regard. In last couple of years Spain established itself as one of the best higher education hubs for international hub for the international students.

For getting the student visa for Spain the applicant should get accepted for a course program in the Spanish universities and take part in student exchange program. The students from the European Union and the students from European economic area are not required the student visa to reside in Spain. They only have to register with the local authorities to obtain the residence certificate.

Before applying the study visa for Spain the applicant must have to qualify for taking the admission in a certified institution of Spain. The students have to produce the official confirmation regarding his admission before the immigration executive, then student s need to contact the Spain embassy or consulate for getting the student visa for Spain.

Spanish student permits are different for European and non-European citizen. If the students are coming from European Union or European economic area for research or any course of duration less than three months then they don’t require applying for the study visa or student permit.

If the students from non-European countries are coming for a six-month study in Spain then they required a stamp of ‘180 days total studies’. In this concern the students are not able to get the resident permits.

The students having course duration more than six months then they have to entitle a student visa type D and get the student residence permit within 30 days of their arrival into Spain.


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