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The students, who wish to study abroad in South Africa, are required to obtain a South African study visa before doing so. For getting a visa for South Africa, students must contact the South African High Commission in their country of residence. The student visa in South Africa works like temporary fix while staying there in South Africa. The process of obtaining a study visa for South Africa more often than not lasts for 6 weeks. Any university in South Africa demands student visa from its student who is a foreign national in South Africa.

Study Permit in South Africa

Any candidate is supposed to apply for your study permit, and look out for the result of their application, even before booking tickets for South Africa. The selection of student in South African University does not ensure anyone to go to South Africa without a valid study permit in South Africa, issued by the government policies. After getting selected in a registered University of South Africa, one must apply for the visa in South African embassies of their countries. The study permit in South Africa generally takes around 6 weeks to be granted to any individual.

The requirements of Student Visa

The students who have received confirmation letter from their universities for their admission must start the process of study permit in South Africa. The application should include copy of confirmation letter from University along with few other documents such as birth certificates, passport and two passport photos. The health insurance certificate along with round trip flight schedule and the proof of financial means, stating the fact that one must have enough cash to sustain in South Africa while their stay are required. In case of minors, a proof having physical address and contact number of their guardian must be sent along with the ser of documents.

Rules and regulations of Studying in South Africa

While studying in South Africa, holding a student visa, one must ensure that they study in the same University in which they applied for. In case one wants to change their school, while staying there, it can be done while staying in South Africa. Students are allowed to work part time jobs which must not exceed 20 hours per week, in order to sustain in South Africa. The students who need to go back to their countries while vacations need not apply again for the student visa in order to come back.

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