Score above 7 or 8 in IELTS and make your Australian PR dream a reality

Australian PR

To obtain visas under the skilled and student categories, Australian Immigration demands impeccable English with experience in the field of study. Australia is the progressive country with a vast majority of people speaking English and English as its official language. This country has abundant opportunities and resources to share with the world countries. All the Australian public and private sector holdings use English as the medium of language.

As you, all know how important the English language, plays a significant role in day to day life of Australia. It is important internationally too as almost all the countries use English as a medium to communicate and to strengthen ties with the international society.

All the students and skilled professionals lodging PR application to Australia have to be extra-cautious when it comes to English. As sometimes this may be a determining factor if you scoreless in the other areas of skill assessment and experience the Australian point based system.

Skilled professionals and students and applying for Australian permanent residency must have impeccable English. Good score in IELTS can fetch you number of points.

Language Eligibility for Skilled Professionals:

  • If you score above 8 in all four test components of IELTS – 20 points.
  • If you score above 7 in all four test components of IELTS – 10 points.
  • If you score above 6 in all four test components of IELTS – 0 Points.

People who missed the PR through few points can understand the pain of waiting and delays. It is a small attempt to make you understand the importance of English competency.

Aspirants applying for Australian permanent residency under the below three categories have to score minimum 60 to get permanent residency under the Skilled category.


  1. Tell me the differences between ielts and points score. Regarding on what basis does applicant will participate on work related visas

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