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Opulentus visa company-what should I say about them? Should I say how my life seemed like complete waste until I met Opulentus or how Opulentus saved me when I thought that there was no way out? Pushed into extreme depression without a job for nearly three years, I became a laughing stock in my peer group.

I don’t say I have no talent; maybe I was lacking that extra pleasing behavior that my other friends had or I was not tilting towards anything such as ‘submission of fake experience certificates like others.’

Aged 27, I was totally depressed and was actually taken to a counselor by my parents when I stopped eating food for days together. Initially I was reluctant but had to go owing to extreme pressure from my elders.

I explained everything to the counselor. It all sounded so simple to her. I actually got very angry when I saw her smile. After she ceased the curve on her face, she simply handed over a card to me on which it was written ‘Opulentus-The Visa Company.’

‘What for?’ I questioned with my raised eye brows. I heard her say softly, approach them once, you will find the right solution. I can only hear your pain (as you said). They would just find a right solution for you…, before she completed I questioned ‘a job?’ she replied ‘may be.’

As the doors opened to make my way out of the counselor’s room, I saw my parents standing and staring at me trying to see some smile on my face. My face was even more serious. Without even responding to anyone’s questions, I crossed the road to hire an auto and reach the address written on Opulentus visiting card.

There were mixed feelings as I entered Opulentus. Both tension and hope covered me…adjusting my shivering voice, I spoke to the person draped in a saree. ‘Ms. Rani sent me here and I am in search of a job…’ ‘Come with me, sir,’ said the woman.

Opulentus front office was a big hall with around three dozen tables organized systematically  where several clients were interacting with the executives. Despite so much of action, the environment was calm and highly professional.

As I turned my head from left, I saw the woman who spoke to me opening the door and welcoming me inside. There were three more persons sitting in the room that had a huge board ‘Opulentus special desk.’


 The three guys were well dressed in suits. The first thing they asked me was ‘what actually you want sir?’ I said ‘ I am a jobless graduate with no experience and want to go overseas in search of a job.’

‘Excellent sir, you have every bright opportunity to go Germany,’ replied an executive. Understanding my puzzled expressions, he went on to say ‘German Job Seeker  Visa,’ is exclusively designed for people like you sir. All you have to do is—apply for German Job Seeker Visa ….buzz buzz…before he could complete, I received a call, it was my parents….told them that I was at Opulentus.

The person continued…you can go to Germany without a job on German Job Seeker Visa, sir. I questioned, what if I don’t get a job?

The executive said that there are bright chances to get a job in Germany as

-Germany has huge man power requirement on daily basis

-There’s a huge void and urgent requirement in the areas of science and technology

As the visa period is of six months, you can easily find an opportunity sir, said the person. My parents then stepped in. Opulentus people explained everything to my parents again with utmost patience.

My parents agreed to send me to Germany. Opulentus people processed my visa; after a couple of weeks, I received a visa and went to Germany. When in Germany, Opulentus people were regularly in touch with me until I found a job and settled over there happily.

Before I put an end card to my failure story, Opulentus stepped in to prove ‘success stories begin with them.’ I am now a successful person and an inspiration to others. Many don’t know that I would have been a zero without Opulentus.

Opulentus is a hero that rewrote my fate. Simple thanks will never serve the purpose. Whatever I am, I owe to Opulentus.


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