Opulentus complaints desk dedicated to clients’ concerns

Opulentus immigration consultancy firm has recently come up with something called as Opulentus complaints. The main duty of Opulentus complaints desk is to look into the minor issues and concerns of clients post visa processing.

There are many clients who are getting carried away by speculations and apprehensions whenever their visas are getting delayed or whenever they come across something that can be solved within a minute’s discussion.

Despite so many efforts from our end, many clients didn’t approach Opulentus help desk with so many doubts or by coming under some sort of influence.

As we don’t want even a single client to create any opinion on Opulentus that would prevent him or her from visiting us the next time, we have launched Opulentus complaints desk.

As the name suggests, it basically received the concerns in the form of complaints. The clients who lodge their complaints at Opulentus complaints desk would get the response within ten working days to his/her satisfaction.

In many cases, we understood that clients raised complaints against Opulentus over visa delay and rejection. While the latter is at the sole discretion of the immigration authority, Opulentus encouraged such clients, whose visa got rejected for some reasons, to go for appeal.

Accordingly, appeals are made through Opulentus and the success rate is higher when applications are appealed through Opulentus.

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  1. I went to England through Opulentus. Although I selected a house there earlier, I didn’t like it and approached Opulentus for help. They suggested me to avail the post landing services, which I did immediately. I got a new house within next seven working days. Opulentus is committed to excellence.

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