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We are a big family, all of us grew up together, but due to some situations, my cousins had to shift their base to USA. Time passed, we missed each other’s company and got busy with our lives. One day I noticed a wedding invitation on my bed, when I opened the invitation; I got excited and was jumping with joy. The invitation got me the news of the wedding of my first cousin. I immediately packed my bags and took all the papers and passport, rushed to the embassy with excitement and came home rejected due to no proper documentation. I thought I won’t be able to see her wedding, but my dad consoled me and told me that everything has a procedure, and we need to follow it. We got through all the visa consultancy websites and found Opulentus the best, because they had each and every minute detail about immigration. My dad and me quickly visited the office and explained the entire scenario to the officer at Opulentus; they understood what we wanted and gave us the best options. The entire visa processing procedure went on really smooth, as we dint even feel a pinch of pain. Opulentus has guided us regarding the visa processing interview and gave us the confidence. My family got through the interview. Thanks to Opulentus for taking up the initiative on behalf of us, now I can finally go to US and attend my cousins wedding. Three cheers to Opulentus.

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