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UK Universities Seeking Post Study Work Permit for Overseas Students
Posted on: 05 Sep 2018  |   Tags: UK Immigration , UK Study Work visa ,

The body serving UK universities is asking for a change in the laws of immigration for the country to enable abroad students to work in the nation for two years subsequently after graduating. If started, the change proposed by British Universities, whose yearly conference started in Sheffield on Tuesday, could effectively re-introduce the post-study work visa, which practiced to provide graduates from non-E.U countries the automatic permission to work in the U.K for two years, but was abandoned by the government of UK six years before.The UK Must be Open to Talent Prof Sir Steve Smith, who chairs British Universities global policy network and is vice-chancellor at the University of Exeter, stated that we believe it is what the nation needs. It could send a hell of a sign about the role of the U.K in the coming world, as somewhere that was greeting to students that they were pleasant to visit on afterward to work. We think the proposal timing is precisely right, exactly because we believe whatever results in the following 29 weeks i.e until the Brexit, the U.K requires a message about the globe. What we are trying to do is put our offer on a par with our major challengers and to say that despite the trials and tribulations of Br-exit, the UK and its universities are one of the outstanding systems of the world. We see no cause why that just need not be open to skilled individuals. Particularly when we now understand that they come to study, perhaps stay on a little bit to work, and then drop. It is not rexit regarding the features of Br-exit and it is the opposed environment. China is the important familiar source of foreign students in the UK, with approximately 95,000 students. There are nearly 17,000 students from India, but British Universities states this number has decreased majorly over the prior five years. Please subscribe to Opulentus newsletters to get more information and updates about Visa and Immigration. We also assist with the smooth and quick visa and immigration process.

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