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Nigeria Approves Expansion of visa on Arrival Counters
Posted on: 31 Aug 2018  |   Tags: Business Visa , Immigration Service , Spouse Visa ,

Figures and Details about the Scheme

Mr. Mohammed Bandede, Comptroller General of Immigration Service in Nigeria has approved the expansion of counters catering to Visa on Arrival services of visitors at the MM International Airport --Lagos. Presently, NIS uses two such counters at the airport. After this move it would be convenient for foreigners to seek visas as and when they arrive in the country. After an Investigation, it was found that such counters, at the Lagos Airport, were accommodating only 30 persons. This arrangement will be implemented in some weeks, and will also provide additional space to process passengers and also increase turnaround time in a significant manner. Furthermore, the expanded counters will help the authorities, to attend 100 foreigners, seeking visas on arrival from each wing of the airport, at the same time.

Building a good Image

Moreover, this move will also help in building a good image internationally. This expansion is the result of the Government policy, which lays a focus, on ease-of-doing-business, since June 2017. Immigration has benefited immensely from this policy. Presently, more foreigners are arriving into the country, and they also receive visas promptly and easily. The stress is on improving the image and way of doing things. Since the ease-of-doing-business policy immigration has benefited in a big way from the scheme. There are more travelers in business category or in tourism visiting the country. These counters will help in the improvement of client relationship. It would result in passengers spending less time and have more comfortable.


In the past six months the Airport has issued 12, 000 permissions, to foreigners, who entered Nigeria through the airport. Finally every week, the Authorities issue 500 visas to foreigners on arrival. Opulentus will guide the visitors in this matter.

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