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New visa Rules for Spouses of Indians
Posted on: 27 Aug 2018  |   Tags: dependent visa , Immigration , overseas spouse , tourist visa ,


Spouses of the Indians, who marry abroad, will not face difficulties in the conversion process of the tourist visa into the dependent visa any longer. The government has a plan to change prevalent rules. This development has happened after a Filipino spouse of a citizen of India, married outside the country. She had to face certain difficulties. This was in respect to converting her tourist visa, to a dependent visa. The visa rules did not give permission to do it. The husband, in turn, had sent a complaint to the Home Minister of India. A senior official of the Home Ministry stated about the withdrawal of the particular rule. It will be simplified, with the result that, disregarding the place of the wedding, the overseas spouse, can convert the tourist visa, into the dependent visa.

Additional facts

Moreover, the visa manual, says that such a visa, can be converted into X-2 visa, on one condition. It was that the marriage, takes place in India. It has to fulfill registration norms in the validity of the current tourist visa. As against this, if a person wishes to do so he/she has to go back to the country of origin, and return on X-2 visa. After this amendment and streamlining of visa rules, converting tourist visa to X-2 is allowed, even when the marriage happens overseas. This facility does not apply to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan nationals. Moreover, the Home Minister stated that the government will facilitate safe and convenient entry, to all legal international travelers. Finally, it will offer all services, related to visas, and also the consular services, to foreigners, who stay in India, in a fast and convenient manner.

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