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Many Indians OPT to visit and study in UK British High Commission


The British High Commission acknowledged the exponential growth in the way Indians wish to reach the United Kingdom. Their aim is to pursue studies and also take up some work. As per the Press Release of the British Diplomatic Mission, 550,925 Indians received UK visas for the year-ending in June 2018. Moreover, there is an increase of 10 percent in comparison to the figures of the previous year. Furthermore, the number of Tier-4 general visas which permits a student to pursue studies in the UK, on reaching the age of above 16 years, was 15,390. In comparison to the figures of the previous year this is an increase of 32 percent.

Additional statistics

Sir Dominic Asquith, the, British High Commissioner to the Republic of India, stated his happiness at these numbers of Indian students. He went on to add that this was a proof that global students wished to study at the outstanding institutions in the UK. Additionally they were successful in finding a place and a future. Furthermore, 550,925 Indians received UK visas in the year ending in June 2018. This is an increase of 10 percent over the previous year. Moreover, more than 6,500 Indians reached the UK for pursuing several short-term studies in the same period. This was the third successive year where there was an increase for the student visa figure. Indians also received more than 60,000 work visas in 2017. After a great success in the education sector, the visit visas also show an increase of 10 percent reaching 454,658. This is a clear indication that Indians prefer the UK as a destination for enjoying their holidays.

Indians love the UK

The latest figures strengthen the trend that many Indians select the UK as a top destination for their visits, work in and also for further studies.

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