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London’s population is increasing at a rapid pace due to high rise of immigrant population and birth rates. Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the population of the city is over 8.4 million and the rise in number of people residing in the city is more than 108,000  in the year to June 2013. Immigrants from overseas have added 79,500 to London’s population in one year and the increased rate of birth has added 131,000 children to the capital. UK’s population is growing at a quick rate when compared to other European countries constituting 64.1 million people, revealing a rise of 5 million since 2001, of which 60 percent is attributable to net immigration from overseas. Paul Vickers, Head of ONS said that London contributes 25 percent of nation’s growth and has the highest worldwide immigration as well as highest natural change. Though all the regions of UK have experienced growth rate, London holds the top position. The statistics on internal migration inside Britain revealed that more number of people are moving out of maximum regions of London than arriving from other areas of the nation. However, the regions Havering, Bexley, Richmond-upon Thames and Sutton are exceptions to this.

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