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Hong Kong Easy Immigration Policy for Attracting Tech Professionals


Hong Kong has a plan for boosting the economy by involving professionals in eleven specific areas. The persons who intend to secure a technology job in Hong Kong have a straight path, owing to its exclusive immigration policy. Moreover, there was a publication of the Talent List, by the government, in August. The Hong Kong S.A.R. Government released the First Talent List of the city. There was the intention to attract domestic and foreign professionals, in eleven different spheres. These are crucial for the economic development. As per the list, the government is in great need of many workers, who can be Professionals in Marine Insurance, Waste Treatment Specialists, Engineers, and also Experts in Innovation and Technology. There is room for top talents in Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Bio-metrics, Robotics, and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Additional Facts

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, has come with the opinion that Hong Kong will extend a warm welcome to global talents, who possess top skills, sufficient knowledge and rich work experience. This list will receive regular updates to keep pace with the economy and the requirement of specific talents. Additionally, immigration policies in Hong Kong have shifted in the past decades. From June 2006, it started to implement the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme as a means of boosting the economic development. The professionals seeking employment must pass the Achievement Test that gives a reward to the holders of remarkable distinctions and also professional awards. Moreover, there is a General Assessment Test that gives points to individuals based on age, schooling level, and time of working in a selected domain.

Scoring good points

The applicants have to score 80 points and obtain an Employment Offer to get a Regular Work Visa. They will also score bonus points in certain cases like in jobs of the talent list, and do not need the Employment Offer to get the visa. There is a quota of 1,000 professionals in it. The citizens of Cuba, Afghanistan, Laos, North Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam are not eligible in it. The city is also looking to Block Chain Technology to advance its economy. Officials of the Monetary Authority are looking into the role of Block Chain Technology, in helping the Financial and Technical scene, of the city.

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