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Canada Immigrants Capable of Becoming Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Review of statistics for employment from the 2016 Canadian census reveals that Canada owes its energetic, entrepreneurial spirit and regard for discovery and creativity to the immigrants work ethic.  The top of the least includes Punjabis, Taiwanese,  Koreans, Israelis, with a host of other communities the following suit. The 2016 Statistics Canada study by Canadian Studies Association and the Institute of Canada for Migration and  Identities reveals that numbers confirm the premise that residents with non Canadian ethnic origins are more possible to begin their own Canadian business.

2016 Census Self Employed Data

The 2016 Census proves:

  • Self employed people within the age of 45-54 years over Canada was dominated by immigrants from Taiwan, Turkey, Syria, Korea, Israel, Pakistan, along with members of the community of Jewish.
  • In the Canadian province of Quebec, the list was controlled by Australian, Punjabi, Syrian, Korea, Israeli and Lebanese populations.
  • 30% of Koreans in the equivalent age group listed themselves as self-employed, as exposed to the national median of 14% and 12% among local Canadians.

Multiple Factors Behind a Strong Work Ethics

That immigrants are further likely to grow entrepreneurs is a properly researched idea with several studies finding related trends in not just Canada but the U.S.A as well. Reasons excess than just an affinity for hard work is providing to the rising trend in Canada for immigrant entrepreneurship.

Approach Required for Canadian Government

A broad generalization recommending self-employment is better or economically more important to take up a job, or vice versa is neither correct nor appropriate. Data covering companies ownership by those in Canada for longer than nine years reveals 5.3% immigrants own a company as related to 4.8% between Canada born people. Canada born entrepreneurs owned private firms tend to be larger than private firm owned firms by immigrants. So, any correlation between employment and entrepreneurship or immigrant and local entrepreneurs needs a refinement and steady view acknowledging Canada’s winning track record in obtaining economic value simultaneously from Canada born and immigrant residents.

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