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Canada Emerges as an Alternative Destination to US for Indians


As per the latest data of the National Foundation for American Policy, USA denied H-1-B visas to 23.6% of Indian applicants, in a period between July and Sep 2017. This shows an increase from 16.6% in the preceding Quarter. The US administration’s onslaught, on work visas hits Indians in a disproportionate manner. They are on the lookout for alternatives, and presently Canada is emerging as a leading destination. UK earlier was a favorite destination, but it is becoming difficult owing to affordability issues. It needs an investment of a few crores, as an Entrepreneur, or on a specified sponsor visa. Furthermore, Canada is welcoming to fresh immigrants. It has a high quality of life like the US. Additionally, it also provides free Medical cover, and also free Education till high school.

Recent reports

A recent report from Canada Immigration says that, in 2017 there was a 200 percent increase in PR invitations, extended to Indians, in Canada, belonging to the Express Entry scheme. 86,022 invitations were issued, and 65,401 persons, and their associated families, became permanent residents. Many professionals prefer and decide to move to Canada, and are keen to search for opportunities. They want to provide a healthy and safe environment to their children, and also have better job prospects in that country. Furthermore, in the past decade, the purpose has undergone a change, and now there are topics of better education to children, finest medical facilities, availing social security benefits, peace and law and order matters. Finally, there is the issue of less polluting environment, for living. The rich as well as the upper middle classes, encourage their children, to shift to famous countries.

Knowledgeable clients

Moreover, most of the clients have a very good information regarding immigration and connected areas, like its process and challenges. A Consultant plays the role of hand holding, in the various stages of the process, and acts as friend, in cases of uncertainty and insecurity. Some of the professionals prefer Australia or New Zealand to Canada, as they are comparatively nearer to India than Canada. What happens in the US is a great concern for many people, but it is not a new occurrence. There were several instances in the past, when this has happened.  In the last decade, New Zealand returned applications which it had earlier accepted for processing. Furthermore, in 2010-2011, Canada also returned several applications, without processing, when people had waited for quite a few years.

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