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A professional Registry to address visa Frauds, and Employer Connectivity
Posted on: 14 Aug 2018  |   Tags: Business Visa , USA H1 visa review ,


The present world is worried about recruitment documentation fraud in foreign work visas. As a result, one platform called Professional Registry of Verified Employees (PROVE) - was set up. The aim here is to help in connecting work visa seekers as well as employers who sponsor work visa. At present it is catering to the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Australia. The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS), is based in India.  It serves as an advocate for Indian employees in the USA existing on work visas, and it is the mind behind establishing - PROVE. Rajiv Dabhadkar, Founder of NO STOPS and PROVE says that the recruitment documentation fraud is rampant, making the cross verification the work visa seekers, and the work visa sponsors, difficult. Removing this difficulty is the logical purpose of this registry.

Many users

Presently the platform has around 90,000 online users. On the whole, it has 2.3 million work visa seekers, and half a million foreign recruiters spread in many countries. The agency overseeing legal immigration into the USA- the USCIS is dealing to tackle fraud related to immigration. The aim is to determine whether workers are not paid while staying in the USA while they wait for projects. This practice is called benching and it violates immigration laws of US. There will be site visits in the cases where there is suspicion regarding a fraud/abuse and such cases will reach the counterparts in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for detailed investigation, as per the statement of USCIS.

Methods of working

PROVE uses a set of professional networking practices, which processes user profiles for looking into location, industry, and user skill for generating real-time recommendations regarding employment. PROVE is monetizing mainly by using corporate partnerships. It is open and measures the identity and reputation of knowledge workers. There is a process of verification, qualifying, assessing, and promoting an individual knowledge worker to a set of overseas recruiters. The corporate partners instill necessary partnerships which seek value to be a part of the ecosystem. Furthermore, it has a team of practicing lawyers, and also supports pre and post-hiring activities, thorough immigration processes, and finally the job offer verification. It also verifies employment contracts from overseas employers, and helps in the professional preparation of all documents. Finally, owing to the increase in demand for foreign workers, the process of catering to this demand, in a short time is critical, for companies that depend on Indian labor.

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