Ireland Green Card Scheme for Foreign Skilled Workers

Ireland Skilled Immigration:

Ireland is one of the best destinations to live. There are number of international skilled workers who prefer Ireland to work. Foreign nationals seek various reasons such as education and employment in order to migrate to Ireland. There are many skilled India migrants in Ireland who are working and leading a life of quality.

How to Apply for Immigration to Ireland from India? Is a question which often pops-up in the minds of foreign skilled workers. International workers who wish to migrate to Ireland should know the immigration laws of Ireland before applying for the visa. There are many ways to migrate such as

  • Green Card Permit Scheme
  • Work Permit Scheme
  • Intra-Company Transfer Permit Scheme
  • Dependent/Spouse Permit Scheme
  • Third Level Graduate Scheme 

Ireland Immigration provides Green card permit scheme, which is one of the best options to migrate to Ireland. The program is a permit given to the foreigners, which allows them to work in Ireland. This scheme is usually granted for two years, which can be renewed later.

Immigration to Ireland from India:

In order to migrate from India to Ireland through green card scheme, there are certain eligibility criteria for certain professions and salary levels. In order to obtain an Ireland green card the skilled worker must have a job offer from the company with the company’s registration and Irish revenue commissioners for trading. The skilled workers must prove that they have the relevant skill set and experience.

The letter head must specify:

  • Description of the proposed employment
  • Information regarding skills and experience
  • Starting date of the employment
  • The annual salary given to the employee

Required documents:

The foreign skilled worker is required to meet certain necessary requirements to get Ireland immigration.

  • The skilled worker must have a job offer from a bona-fide company, which is registered with the Revenue Commissioners and companies registration office
  • The offer letter must be on the letter head paper of the company with the date within 60 days from the date of application
  • The respected job offer must be valid for two or more years

Individuals who want to Migrate to Ireland need to explain their offer letter:

  • Contents of the offer letter
  • The starting date of the employment
  • Annual salary
  • Details regarding the required experience, skills and qualifications


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