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As promised earlier, the United States has plunged into the formalities that would waive the visa requirement for Columbian nationals. Columbian president, Juan Manuel Santos, confirmed the news to the media after prolonged talks with the United States vice president Joe Biden here in Washington. It may be recalled that the United States welcomed the proposal of Columbia, which sought a visa waiver to the Columbian nationals. Briefing the media more on this, Santos reiterated that the new move would strengthen the bilateral ties between the two nations. He has also thanked the vice president and the government for taking what he called an important step for Columbians. When asked about the time frame for the new policy to come into force, Santos said the US already started looking into the necessary steps and that visa waiver program would soon be in place. It has to be mentioned here that Chile recently joined visa waiver program of the United States, which made it the only country in Latin America to enjoy such status. Columbia would soon join Chile. The immigration experts looked at it as a new sign that breaks the walls between Latin America and the United States of America.waive the visa requirement for Columbian nationals.

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