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I am Ekta Joshi, a physiotherapist by profession, who owes a lot to Opulentus for all the help they offered me. I always dreamt of becoming a medical doctor and that was the only reason why I pursued bachelors in physiotherapy. Only after my joining course, I learned that Indian Medical Council hasn’t included physiotherapy in it. Unfortunately, there’s no separate council for physiotherapy just like AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy). Therefore, we are not entitled to add suffixes such as dr. even though we study anatomy in detail unlike other alternative medical practitioners. I also came to know that I will be recognized as a medical doctor with this four-and-half year’s degree in more than 20 countries including USA and Canada. I quickly approached Opulentus and they were very empathetic to me. They understood my situation and encouraged me to apply for Federal Skills Workers Program (FSWP). I just told them one thing—do whatever, kindly push me into the country that recognizes me as a medical doctor. Opulentus processed my visa application successfully. I now see the shining letter Dr. before my name on every legal document in Canada. Thanks to Opulentus for all the support.

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