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Midwest Requires Immigrants For Economic Growth, A Report Reveals

Midwest is in need of immigrants to assist in maintaining the economic growth of metro areas where the people born in the country are ageing and decreasing. Economic necessity of increasing immigrant population in Midwest has been explained by the news report from Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The number of native-born people in Midwest increased by merely 3.3% in the metro areas of Midwest between 2000 and 2010, at the same time immigrant population grew by 38.4%, according to the report. Growth in the population of Duluth from 2000 to 2010 is regarded as resulting from immigration by 100 percent while in Minneapolis the growth rate of population is caused by immigration by 35.2 percent. Besides, in Rochester, immigration has attributed to 20.3 percent rise of population, the report stated. The report summons for encouraging immigration of those capable of filling low as well as high skill jobs with need of workers. Moreover, the report suggests simplified means to safeguard funding for mortgages so that immigrants can operate as active consumers indicating that they can take part in civic activities and vote.

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