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Kenya has set new visa rules for South African visitors and businessmen, after the decision of South Africa to toughen its immigration rules. The new rules necessitate South African visitors to possess a return air ticket and a service charge of $70 each time they file their visa applications. Besides, they are required to possess an invitation letter from Kenya, present oneself individually for biometrics along with evidence for available funds while applying. These requirements are expected to be fulfilled at embassy of Kenya in South Africa, which was not the case earlier when South Africans were able to attain visas at the point of entry. Jackie McKay, Home affairs deputy director-general for immigration services, said that every country is reviewing its visa rules. So is Kenya. It would be proper that if South Africa necessities a visa for entry, Kenya would also necessitate a visa. Earlier, government of South Africa reviewed its immigration laws according to which people who overstay in their country can be included in blacklist for a maximum of five years. Additionally, foreign citizens requesting to enter South Africa without a return ticket are supposed to pay same amount of fees as the cost to deport them into their country of origin.

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