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Kazakhstan Government provides Free Visa for 10 Countries

The President of Kazakh, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has declared that Kazakhstan to is ready to launch visa-free regime for nationals of 10 countries. This visa-free system will be in force in between 15 July 2014 and 15 July 2015. This scheme is applicable for people of the UK of Great Britain, the US, Northern Ireland, US, the Federal Republic of Germany, Malaysia, France, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and the Republic of Korea. These countries have either invested highly in Kazakhstan or have a possible chance of investment. According to the visa-free regime, throughout this one year period, the people of these 10 nations having a legal and valid official, diplomatic and national passports can visit, depart and transit without a visa through Kazakhstan territory on various events for a period of 15 days each time they cross the state border. If there is any verifiable reason that the people of these 10 nations wish to reside for more than 15 days then they need to acquire an investor visa from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a business visa from Ministry of Internal Affairs based on the duration of time they require to stay in Kazakhstan and kind of activities they are occupied for. Earlier, Kazakhstan has independently eased visa-free requirements for short-duration visits for people of 48 nations, which also includes 34 nations of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. It is anticipated that details of rules and regulations of this visa travel regime to visit to Kazakhstan by citizens of 10 nations will be declared shortly. Reviews and Rating @Opulentus

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