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Exactly a year ago when my friend went to Singapore, I thought that he was after a wild goose chase and that going to foreign has become a fashion. He soon proved me wrong with his big fat earning that even made me search for ‘top immigration company in India.’ After an hour’s research online, I shortlisted four top immigration companies in India out of which Opulentus rightly found its place. I approached all the four companies (I wouldn’t like to quote the other three companies). Almost all companies received my query with much importance, which again confused me. However, there was something special with a company called Opulentus, which in turn made me finalize on it.

Opulentus Helpdesk:

When I heard about the Opulentus helpdesk, I was really impressed because this was something that I didn’t find in other immigration companies. I asked what this helpdesk was all about and the web support team told me that Opulentus helpdesk was a dedicated team to clear the doubts of individuals who are willing to go abroad through Opulentus. That sounded amazing to me. I called up the Opulentus helpdesk and told them about my need to earn big and that I had an MBA degree. After a day helpdesk people, who took all my details, telephoned me and asked me to come down to their office in Bangalore. Instead of executives, I would call them Opulentus counselors. They told me everything about going to foreign, right from filing an application to getting the visa.

Opulentus Post Landing Support:

Opulentus told me about the right opportunities in different countries and I selected the USA and got a visa. I booked a ticket to New York by connecting flight. I had to change a flight in Frankfurt in Germany and was so scared to change flights as it was something new to me to immigration company in India. Opulentus assured me that nothing would go wrong and said they would be in touch with me till I reach Central Islip. As promised, they never let me down. I was an exciting journey until I reached my new home in the US. The entire credit goes to Opulentus. Ask why? Maybe I would have got the visa through other channels too but I am sure that none would have taken care of me personally like Opulentus.  I suggest all my friends and dear ones to approach Opulentus as Opulentus is number one visa consultancy in India.

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