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Bahrain offers e-visas for Indians

Bahrain has made an announcement with regards to a new visa regime that permits Indians along with other 35 nations to apply for e-visas, effective 1 October 2014. Through this   initiative, the number of nations that tends to receive e-visas is augmented to 101. E-visas will be acquired prior to the travel by a simple online application process. Beginning 2015, Indians will be able to reside for longer periods. Moreover, visas will be valid for a period of one month with a possibility of extension of maximum three months. Additionally, multi-entry visas will also be available. The new visa regime will facilitate the travel for nationals of India as a great number of them are residing, working and travelling to the country. Indians formed the largest part of the expatriate population in Bahrain. It also plays a significant role in importing trading partners with Bahrain. The Crown Prince of the Kingdom, Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, presented this new regime and highlighted that these type of polices will help to lure inward investment and fuel economic growth and job creation aspects. The Transportation Minister and Acting Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board, Kamal bin Ahmed, added that this new visa regime is one of the most convenient polices, which facilitates citizens from over 100 countries to benefit from quicker and easier access to the economy of Middle East. http://opulentus.org/

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