Search for a job in Germany on job seeker visa

Opulentus processes Germany job seeker visa. This visa is designed to meet the requirements of the prospective international employees who wish to search for a job and settle in Germany.

Germany was apparently the first country to introduce such kind of visa. In fact, this is not just beneficial to the employees alone but to Germany too as it would fill the gaps in the skilled sector.

Germany job seeker visa is valid for six months. Only skilled workers can apply for Germany job seeker visa.

Why go Germany and search for jobs?

You know that there’s a strange concept in Germany. You might have so far come across many international jobs on various international job portals, can you just name how many of them were from Germany? You will have a clueless expression as we know that the companies in German usually don’t post their jobs on any websites. Also, they give jobs only based on the personal rounds of interviews.

Requirements of Germany job seeker visa:

The following are some of the basic requirements of Germany job seeker visa.

  • At least three years of work experience in the same domain
  • Passport with one-year validity
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Photocopies of education certificates
  • Minimum graduation
  • Proof of funds to support your stay in Germany

After getting the job? Opulentus support:

After you successfully find a job when you are on jobseeker visa, you can approach Opulentus. We would convert your job seeker visa to Germany work permit. Apart from that, we would even provide the relocation services.

Approach Opulentus today.

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