Opulentus Customer Reviews for Germany Job Seeker Visa

  1. Hi friends, I’m Chris from Delhi, India. I always wanted to work overseas and couldn’t find a job anywhere, unfortunately. Someone suggested me German Job Seeker Visa Program. Although I was apprehensive, I applied for it. Under this visa program, I would be eligible to go Germany and search for a job there. Also, I wouldn’t be permitted to work or hold any business in Germany when I’m on this visa. I thought it was fair enough. I got the visa timely through a consultancy named Opulentus. I searched for jobs there; in fact, there were many jobs, and it was me who chose the right job. It all took four months for me to find a job finally. German Job Seeker Visa Program is one of the ideal programs introduced by Germany.


  1. This is Rose from Thailand. I met my fiancé online; he was a German resident and wanted me to go there before the wedding for a decent period. Tourist visa was not ideal. Therefore, I opted for German Job Seeker Visa. This one is mainly intended to those who would come to Germany and search for a job. It’s valid for six months. For three to four months, I didn’t even search for job…was busy enjoying with him. At the last minute, I applied for jobs, got a couple of them…Chose the one that suits my lifestyle. Life is pretty cool now. Thanks to German Job Seeker Visa.
  2. Hi, I am Sarinda De Silva from Sri Lanka. Although there was no need for me to go foreign countries given a decent job I hold in Colombo, there was so much pressure from my family as most of my relatives worked in foreign countries and it was like a prestige thing to my family. I applied for many jobs in the US and other leading countries, to no avail. Finally, I started searching for countries that would first allow people enter the country and then search for opportunities there. It was then I came to know about German Job Seeker Visa program. I went with it blindly. I am now settled in Germany with a good job, and my family members are happy!

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  1. After three unsuccessful attempts to get a visa to US from other visa consultancies, I approached Opulentus. They told me about the missing document, which was the main reason for the visa rejections earlier. Submitted the said document and finally got a visa through Opulentus. These people are complete professionals.

  2. I approached Opulentus two years ago for Germany job seeker visa. It was done so well and in the first go itself. Later on, I applied through them only when I got a job.

  3. My dream was to visit Germany. Unaware of the process and the necessary documentation required for the visa, I took the help of Opulentus to eventually find that the process took place easily and quickly on time.

  4. Opulentus overseas career immigration firm is the leading immigration firm. It has processed my Germany visa application successfully.

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