No Job offer? No problem apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa

In modern scenario, Germany is a preferable immigration destination for the job seeker around the globe. Germany is treated as one of the most financially sound countries in the world. Every year many international students, skilled worker, software professionals arrive at Germany for getting a nice job. German job seeker visa is an immigration initiative to allow the foreign individual to reside in Germany for the purpose of job search.

Pulsating big cities, amazing environment and the breath-taking beauty of nature are the major sources of the attraction of immigrants to reside in Germany. The rapid growth of industrialisation improvises the financial strategies of the nation. Germany is the finest place for the scientists, engineers and the software professionals for their career aspects.

Due to the demographic shift, the highly educated and qualified workers are in great demand in Germany. The candidate can get all the professional perspectives for his career growth by the help of Germany Jobseeker visa.

Germany job seeker visa has provided the long-term residence permit to the foreign individuals who are coming to Germany for job search. It is a program introduced to attract the skilled migrants to avoid the skill shortage in Germany. The validity of job seeker visa is for six months.  If the candidate gets any job during those six months, then he will be able to get the Germany work permit.

There are some eligibility criteria for the Germany job seeker visa, such as

Candidate should be a graduate or post graduate from a German university or any overseas equivalent university.

The contender must have at least five years of relevant work experience to his study.

The candidate should have evidence that he has sufficient fund for his stay in Germany.

Medical and travel insurance of the applicant are compulsory until his work permit is approved.

The candidate needs at least 3.5 liquid cash for this purpose.

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