Germany Immigration’s attempt to encourage skilled workers

Germany Immigration - skilled workersGermany has been making bigger efforts to attract highly qualified professionals every year. The innovative practices began in the year 2005 to attract the educated professionals and grant them permanent residence. The demand for scientists, professors, engineers and technology related individuals is very high.

It is easy for skilled professionals to get permanent residence, the Germany’s Job seeker Visa, EU Blue Card initiative is very popular visa program that attracts the individuals with exceptional skills. The German law permits the qualified individuals to get permanent residence easily in the country.

The Immigration programs of Germany help skilled professionals to bring their families to Germany through lawful immigration programs. The Germany introduces numerous programs to help students to stay in the country by obtaining the Job.


The New law permits the students to remain in the country for one and a half year after completion of course. It was tight previously for students to stay in Germany post-completion of studies.

Germany is also part of the Schengen agreement, and it also entertains a good number of travellers every year.

The immigrant visas that help skilled professionals to enter Germany through the streamlined procedures are Germany Job Seeker Visa. This allows the individuals to enter Germany even without the Job offer. The professionals are given a six-month period to obtain a job, and after securing the position, the visa holders can change the status to a residence permit.

The software engineers and the professionals with STEM background have some opportunities in Germany. Germany joined the European Union Blue Card initiative in 2012 to welcome the highly qualified professionals. Germany Immigration has streamlined professions to welcome the qualified individuals.

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