Germany Immigration – A Land With Full of Opportunities

If you unveil the pages of immigration history, Germany would undoubtedly strike your eye, for it has been a leader in attracting people from foreign lands ever since the word immigration came into existence.

While there have been many arguments why Germany is a global immigration leader, the history has it that Germany was and is always a land with full of opportunities.

In the field of engineering, science and technology, Germany has ample of opportunities. In fact, Germany immigration touched its peak post-World War II. Often referred to as ‘economic miracle,’ the period between the 1950s and 60s witnessed mass immigration to Germany as the then West German Government inked several bilateral agreements with Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia and Yugoslavia.

Christened as Gastarbeiter (guest workers), the immigrants were permitted to work in several industries, which resulted due to rapid industrialisation.

Since then Germany has been encouraging people from other countries to come and work in Germany to fill in the manpower gaps beside increasing its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

To attract foreign nationals, Germany has introduced many benefits for immigrants which include compulsory insurance against health. Also, the education in Germany is world class, and tuition fee is comparatively low. Further, a person working Germany, on the sudden loss of job, can get benefits from the government through German Unemployment Benefits program.

There is a huge requirement in Germany in IT, engineering and science fields and a person with a university degree with fair knowledge can get an opportunity with ease.

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