German Job Seeker Visa interview questions

Are you game for German Job Seeker Visa? Before you pull up your socks for an interview, don’t you think you must know what sort of questions will be thrown across to test your fate? Dig into the details below to erase the signs of sigh on your face.

Some basic German Job Seeker Visa interview questions are:-

  1. Why do you want to leave for Germany in search of a job?
  2. Do you intend to become a permanent resident of Germany?
  3. How do you support yourself during your stay in Germany?
  4. Why did you choose this subject at the graduation level?
  5. Are you going to work in the same domain?
  6. Do you have any previous work experience?
  7. Do you have plans to carry out any small scale business when you enter Germany with this visa?

Some of the ideal answers include-

  1. Germany is a powerful country and a land of opportunities
  2. No, I want to work in Germany on a temporary basis to get more international exposure and hands on experience
  3. I have sufficient bank balance to support myself
  4. Yes, I intend to work in the same domain
  5. I have previous work experience (if you have) otherwise answer would be no
  6. No, I am aware that I can’t work or carry out any business in Germany when on German Job Seeker Visa program

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