Checklist for Indians Applying for German Job Seeker Visa

There are people who enter several countries on tourist visas and find opportunities. Tourist visa can be a costly affair with low time frame. Why go for such programs when Germany has an amazing program for such job seekers? The German Job Seeker Visa program is exclusively designed for skilled and semi-skilled labour to enter Germany and search for a job. Further, a person who has been granted this visa can stay up to six months in Germany.

Before you get ready to apply for German Job Seeker Visa program, you must go through this checklist:-

  1. You must hold a valid passport, which has a validity of at least 12 months
  2. Minimum of INR3.5 lakhs liquid cash
  3. Motivation letter that carries information as to why you want to work in Germany and the time you require to secure a job
  4. Accommodation proof in Germany
  5. Proof of personal status
  6. Reference letter
  7. Educational certificates
  8. Latest curriculum vitae

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  1. I approached Opulentus for Denmark work visa. They gave me the required guidance and processed my visa after I gave the complete documentation. I am currently waiting for my visa.

  2. I approached Opulentus two years ago for Germany job seeker visa. It was done so well and in the first go itself. Later on, I applied through them only when I got a job.

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