Basic Requirements of German Job Seeker Visa Program

Even as the number of people who apply for various jobs at international companies much before they fill visa applications is high, a significant population in Asian countries now do things vice-versa, thanks to Germany’s innovative visa program–German Job Seeker Visa.

Find a job and then get a work visa- is the basic idea behind German Job Seeker Visa program. Applicants who get this visa would simply cruise through the land of opportunities (Germany) in search of a job. While it’s always a boon, the program does carry a tag ‘conditions apply.’

As a person holding German Job Seeker Visa, you are not supposed to work as long as you hold this particular visa. Notably, the maximum time frame for this program is six months. Nonetheless, you can even surrender this visa in two months provided you get a job. You, however, need to apply for a work visa before surrendering German Job Seeker Visa program.


Germany Job Seeker Visa requirements:-

  1. You must hold university graduate degree that’s equivalent to German university degree
  2. You need to show the bank balance to support your argument that you can support yourself financially
  3. You must give a motivational letter
  4. Apart from this, a valid passport is must for any visa to any country

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