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How to Get an EU Blue Card in Germany

Getting an EU Blue Card in Germany comes with several benefits. A Germany blue card offers individuals who are able to possess it an easy access to the labor market making them enjoy the beautiful German lifestyle. Germany Job Seeker’s Visa provides the best living and working environment to individuals by giving them access to basic social, economic, cultural and health rights. They are also enjoying German immigration rights that give them free access across EU. A permanent resident is also given to holders alongside the opportunity to live with their families in Germany. All these benefits and many more, are what come with having an EU Blue Card.

Having known all these benefits, it is necessary to know how to get an EU Blue Card

How to Apply For a Germany EU Blue Card

Getting a blue card takes two major ways. The first is made available at the embassy in whatever country you reside in, and is referred to as the direct application, while the second which is the indirect application requires that you first apply for a job seeker visa, before going on to make an application for the EU blue card. Regardless of which method be it direct or indirect you are deciding to take to get an EU blue card in Germany, you would need to go through a protocol which requires among other things that you visit the German embassy in the country you reside to obtain a tourist visa and make arrangement as to getting an apartment with a registered address as you will need to have an address as a mandatory requirement to apply for the job seeker visa .When you have secured a tourist visa and an apartment in Germany, then you getting a health insurance are very necessary. A private health insurance will be good if you're staying for a short period of time, as you can only get a national insurance by staying for a stipulated time frame and have a job in Germany. After getting a health insurance, you can go on to set an appointment with the Foreigners Registration Office on a date that will be comfortable for you...

What Are the Documents Required To Get an EU Blue Card

With an apartment and health insurance secured, you are close to getting a job seeker visa. At this point, what is needed is for you to have all the relevant documents to have your application approved and your EU Blue Card delivered to you. These documents include:
  1.    A proof that you're not a citizen of EU
  2.    A university diploma or certificate
  3.    A proof to show you have at least one year working experience
  4.    A proof of your previous earnings
  5.    Relevant travel documents and minimum two passport photographs
  6.    A clean criminal record
  7.    A completed application form, with a residential address and a valid health insurance.With all these documents filled and submitted, your application will be scrutinized, and this sometimes spans for a period of three months. However, if you provided the right information and relevant documents, there will be no need to panic as you will be sure to be handed an EU Blue Card in Germany when the application is processed.

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