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Danish GreenCardCurrently almost countries have faced the shortage of human resource to work for their projects. The lack of skilled professionals and workers are one of the major reasons behind it.  Therefore the countries have made reformation in their immigration policy to hire more workers to their countries. The Denmark green card is also an immigration initiative to allow the foreign citizens to live and work in Denmark.

There are some criteria for getting the green card in Denmark. The point scored by the candidate basing upon his age, educational qualification, language proficiency and work experiences. If the applicant scores 100 points then he can get the resident permit along with his family for 18 months. Scoring 100 points you will also have to provide a valid health insurance policy and a proof that you can support your family can be granting the green card.

The Danish green card is points based system. Under this system points have been scored in five different areas such as age, language skills, work experiences, educational profile and adaptability. There are some bonus point can be credited basing upon various criteria.

The applicant has bachelor degree will get additional 30 points for the green card. Bachelor degree plus one year master degree applicant will credit 50 bonus points in this case. The master degree holder and the PhD holder will get 60 and 80 bonus points respectively.

The bonus points can be earned under education of school rankings. The top 400 will get 5 additional points where as the top 200 and top 100 will get 10, 15 points respectively. Education related to occupation has credit of 10 bonus points. The candidate can also be benifited from this concern to scoring more points to get the green card status easily.

Language proficiency level 1, 2, 3 will get 5, 10 and 15 points respectively. The study test in Danish as a second language will provide 20 points. Depending upon the years of experience in relative field will score the point in this system

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