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Why Denmark Immigration Is Preferred ?

Is Denmark! Your dream destination! Apply for Danish Green Card 2015

All professional who desire to live, work and settle in the EU, The Danish Greencard offers you an amazing opportunity.

We find in search of employment, varied skilled migrants belonging to the Non European union are given permission to enter Denmark under the renewable 2 year, Danish green card 2015.

We tend to find that, Danish companies as well as European union are facing shortages in finding employees who are qualified in varied key areas hence Danish Greencard new rules has been implemented which relaxes visa requirements. . This particular program is not only considered to be the best, but it is also considered to be the fastest way to permit the qualified individuals worldwide to settle as well work in Denmark in other EU nation.

Basic Features of Denmark Greencard or Danish Greencard

  • The individual’s would receive 1st time, temporary residence permits for 2 years. The applicants can also apply for an extension for 3 more years.
  • Danish Greencard holders do have free movement in all Schengen nations without a visa.
  • Danish Greencard holders can also get his/her family members in Denmark to get PR. We find that, the family members are entitled to the same rights as enjoyed by the  main applicant.

If you are interested to work as well as live in Denmark then wait no further, fill up the Danish green card application form.

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