Client Name: Varun
Place: Hyderabad
Product: visa to Australia

This is Varun from Hyderabad. I had a problem with some visa processing. Although I was not a client of Opulentus, I got their email id and shot an email with a general query. To my surprise, Opuletnus complaints( desk reverted with appropriate action that I need to take to solve the problem. Impressed by its service and advice, I registered with Opulentus for processing visa to some other country. Last week I got visa to Australia through Opulentus. Thanks for the support.

Client Name: Kumar
Product: Canada Visa

Opulentus immigration company is by and far the best visa consultancy I ever approached. I successfully managed to get a visa all because of the professional assistance of Opulentus. Now I am even planning to avail their post-landing services. I rate Opulentus with 5 stars. – Kumar, Bangalore.

Client Name:S Menon
place: Pathanamthitta
Product: Denmark

Go with Opulentus friends. It’s the the the the best immigration firm. I was spell bound at their professionalism. Their handling of clients, processing of applications and updates on the status is simply superb.— S Menon, Pathanamthitta.

Client Name: Soumya Santhanam
Place: Tiruchirapally
Product: Canada

Hi all, I am Soumya Santhanam from Tiruchirapally. Firstly I must thank Opulentus for giving me the much needed chance that I always asked God. I completed engineering from a top college in Trichy and secured a job in 2008 as an associate analyst in one of the major companies in Chennai. Life was all well until my parents thought of solemnizing my wedding. My fiancée lived in Chennai with his family and they wanted me to work in Chennai itself. That did sound fair for everyone in our family including me and we said ok.

The next day I served the notice but my manager turned it down. He even threatened me that he will not let me work anywhere else if I move out. I was worried a bit but never thought he would actually do something like that.

After I moved to Chennai, my mother and in laws exerted too pressure on me to work that almost pushed me over the edge. I tried and tried for months but I couldn’t find an opportunity. One day, I was getting down from an auto after attending the interview and a small piece of paper hit my wet eyes. The letters with big font ‘are you worried? depressed?’…I took that paper, went inside and telephoned the number. It was some suicide prevention company. I explained all my problems with a shivering tone.

The conversation went on up to 30 minutes. After listening to me patiently, the voice on the other side said softly ‘Soumya, did you try a job overseas?’ I was startled with such a question and said ‘no.’ Then the person on the other side of the phone started telling me about the brilliant opportunities abroad and suggested ‘Opulentus’ company as it has the best team that would not just process the application but would listen patiently.

With all apprehensions I approached Opulentus and gave the reference from where I have come from. I was directed to a counselor at first. She was very friendly and empathetic to me. She was impressed with my credentials and also felt sorry for the things that happened with me. She then advised me how I can always try an overseas career.

I was convinced with her explanation and explained everything to my husband, who sounded okay with my idea. The next day I approached Opulentus and applied for skilled immigration visa. Within a couple of weeks, I got the visa.

It’s been nearly two years that my husband and I are happily settled here, away from all those pressures and pains from my in laws. Opulentus changed everything into good.

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