Opulentus Launches Consumer Support Service

Opulentus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd is one of the few visa agencies that has been rendering world-class services. With profound experience in handling visas to various countries and of different types, Opulentus can rightly be referred to as an immigration major, having its offices in more than 20 locations.

As Opulentus has a huge client base in almost all continents, the company takes every step to see its customers happy. As a part of the same, Opulentus has so far started many departments to categorically address the problems and doubts of its clients. After Opulentus complaints desk, Opulentus client forum, the company has introduced Opulentus consumer support service, first of its kind in the industry.

Opulentus consumer support service will primarily look into everything that client addressed. It takes care of a small doubt of client as well as resolves the impending complex issues, if any. Opulentus consumer support is comprised of three departments-client care, visa support and legal team. The first department would look in to the general care of the clients including minor doubts. The second department would look into the status and follow-up of the visa applications while the legal team would actually look into any legal issues involved—which included fake documentation provided by the client leading to the rejection of visa or unwarranted threatening that’s likely to harm the interests of Opulentus prospective consumers.

Opulentus consumer care doesn’t warranty any client to approach the support with requests that are against the policies of Opulentus. Any such requests would be softly turned down by the Opulentus consumer support service.

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