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US Visa is on Demand for the Investors

EB-5-Investor-Visa-Program-to-USAThe current scenario of US is really good for the investors to gain profits. The numbers of investors around the globe want to invest their fund in US because of its increasing economy. Many business persons from china want to invest funds in America in a return of a permanent resident visa. The rate of application already reached at its highest level in the year 2015.

The program for the concern is popularly known as employment-based fifth initiative or EB-5. It had initiated in 1990 during the presidency of George W. Bush and has been supported by major political parties of both sides.

The rule and regulation of Citizenship and immigration of US says the system provides the permanent residence to those applicants who have invest the capital amount $1,000,000 in a new project and create the job openings at least for 10 people of US in a full time basis within two years of time.

The agency says that a foreign investor needs to invest at least $500,000 if the project is set to be in an unemployment area. The area includes the rural and interior part of the country. Highly unemployed locations are the come under the program to avoid the joblessness.

Some critics and analyst have given their opinion that most of the investors want to invest their money in high profile area like Dallas, New York and Washington. So the underprivileged peoples are unable to take benefit   from the program, so government should have take pay attention towards this point.

The USCIS report says that there were 17,691 requests for EB-5 visa have been recorded. The numbers are gradually increasing in every year.  Experts say that the reason of cancellation of the program increase the number of applicants but in last December the program has been extended for 10 more months. The current financial condition of America is the major reason for the increase of application of investors from various countries.

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