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Opulentus complaint desk to take up genuine complaints

Opulentus provides genuine and honest services to its clients. We welcome the feedback of our clients as complaints, compliments and suggestions. Sometimes clients come to us with complaints showing dissatisfaction about our product and services or the process of handling complaints itself. Our staff exhibit exceptional level of service to our clients. They are highly professional and go beyond their usual duties and outdo the expectations of our clients. We are dedicated to being fair, lawful, and accountable when dealing with our client and providing high quality of service. The feedback that you provide us is valued to enhance the quality of our services. Opulentus Complaints desk deals with the things related to advice that is misleading and providing incorrect contact details, not acting in a timely manner, not charging a reasonable price and similar things. To help us deal with the complaints easily we expect our clients to give us all their necessary details. The complaint should be stated in a simple and a clear way with all the supporting documents. Please help to know as what we did not follow and the influence it had in the process of immigration. Opulentus complaints desk aims to respond to the complaint in a minimum possible time .We try to make an earnest attempt in assessing the complaints following certain principles like admitting our mistakes and try to rectify them if we can, treating the complains on priority and responding in the least possible time. Besides, we try to see the things from the point of views of client understand as where and why we have gone wrong and try to look at the issue with a fresh look. When we receive a complaint to try to implement all the outlined measures and keep you informed about the status of the complaint. Besides, we check with the client that the solutions provided to them met the quality for accuracy and completeness.

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