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Opulentus eased the path  for my spouse and children

I got an opportunity to go to US on a H1 visa. As my presence was immediately required due to the new project, I went to US leaving behind my wife and kids. Following the stay in the country for a certain period of time, I wanted my wife and kids to come to US as dependents. To make sure that they do not go through the strain associated with the visa approval process, I have searched for certain alternate options which could help them in the process. As a part of the search, I came to know Opulentus USA immigration Consultancy, through one of my colleagues, who has applauded Opulentus for its services. Immediately, I suggested my wife regarding Opulentus and asked her to visit the office without any delay. According to my wife’s remarks, I came to know about the way they have handled the case with regards to application filing and the required documents of support. Also, their support was extended to the way the visa interview has to be faced before the consular officer. I could not stop myself from writing this for the immense joy Opulentus gave me in letting my wife and children join me here in US without any trouble. All proved to be successful only with your help Opulentus. Thank you very much.  

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