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Opulentus comes to our rescue - Testimonial

I am an Indian national who settled in US long back. We had a baby, who got US citizenship by birth. We recently came to India with our adolescent son. Although I went back timely, my wife stayed back there. We usually process our visas on own and we never faced any problem so far. After three months, I went to India to bring back my wife and son. My visa was not a multiple entry one and my H1B extension visa was also about to expire. When I applied at the consulate here, there was some enquiry that prevented us from going back to US for about six months. It was during this time I approached Opulentus, leading visa consultants, for some sort of help. Opulentus gave me all the instructions and prepared me for the visa interview. They told me the additional documents that I need to provide as to why I came to India and why I am required to go back to US. In this regard, as stated by Opulentus, I got a supporting document from the US employer. I finally got the visa. Things would have been different had I not approached Opulentus. I learnt a lesson; that it’s always safe and advisable to get visas processed through consultancies such as Opulentus. http://www.usavisastore.com/

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