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Opulentus makes your Hong Kong immigration process much easier Hong Kong is the most desirable destination for people who aspire to turn their dreams into reality. It is the best destination for anyone who is passionate to move overseas. Hong Kong has much to offer for everyone starting from students to workers. It is the perfect place for overseas skilled professionals who wish to start a new career or want to opt for a better career. Since over the past few years, Hong Kong immigration has became popular option among skilled professionals due to increasing opportunities in various sectors. Hong Kong government has designed many schemes to encourage skilled professionals to work in the country. Out of all schemes, Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme is very famous among Indians wishing to migrate to Hong Kong. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme is for skilled professionals who wish to migrate to Hong Kong. The scheme is especially designed for the purpose to attract skilled professionals to its shores. It is a quota based entrant scheme and is for professionals who not have right to enter the country. Successful applicants of Hong Kong QMAS are not required to hold a job offer. Individuals need to qualify in general or achievement based points test to qualify under Hong Kong QMAS. However, there are other requirements that should be met by the applicants to migrate to Hong Kong. Hong Kong QMAS Points Calculator Interested applicants need to qualify under either general or achievement based points test. In case of general based points test, applicants are evaluated based on certain factors such as age, academic qualifications, work experience, language proficiency and family background. Applicants must earn 80 points under five scoring factors to qualify under this test. When it comes to achievement based points test, individuals with exceptional skills and talents are only eligible to earn points. Under this test, applicants must get 165 points under one scoring factor only. In addition to this, applicants must meet certain criteria to immigrate to Hong Kong successfully. To know about all the requirements and procedure, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from Opulentus, which has given success for number of cases. We have good visa counselors in place to help you make understand the complications the visa and make your immigration process quite easy and simple. Opulentus has driven success in every area with the help of its experienced and expertise immigration counselors. We help you in every aspect of documentation, application procedure and throughout all the phases of immigration. Hence, seeking assistance from us would reap significant benefits to you during your immigration voyage.

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