Travel to Canada on a tourist visa

Canada is one of the beautiful countries around the world. There are lots of tourist place in this country. Every year more than five million people around the globe go to Canada for holidaying. The tourist arrival of the country is gradually increasing every year.  The beautiful landscape and the beauty of nature are the points of attraction of tourist to travel Canada. Mesmerizing locations with the luxurious living standard are two more important factors of this nation. 

Eligibility criteria for getting the tourist visa

  • the applicant must have a valid passport and other travel documents for getting the tourist visa for Canada
  • The health condition of the applicant should be good. Sometimes the applicant may undergo the examination under the supervision of a qualified physician in the instruction of Canadian immigration department.
  • The moral conduct of the applicant should be good and the applicant has produced the evidential proof for this concern.
  • The applicant must have intended to return back his own country after the validity of his visa ends. For this purpose, the candidate has to attract6 the immigration officer by showing his family, assets, and property which are the incentives to return him back to his native
  • The applicant should convince the immigration authority that he will return back to his country before the validity of his visa ends
  • The applicant should have sufficient funds for a visit, stay and return from Canada. The amount depends on upon his duration of stay at Canada and whether he will be staying friends, relative or family.
  • Temporary resident visa may require for certain circumstances depends on upon the citizenship status of the applicants.
  • Medical examination and the letter of invitation are also required for the approval of tourist visa.

These are criteria the person can obtain the tourist visa to travel Canada.

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