Canada’s Express Entry Provincial Nomination

Canada Express EntryMost territories and provinces in Canada can nominate immigrants though the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These candidates are allowed to live and work in their chosen state providing they have have the education, skills and work experience required to contribute to the growth of that economy.

The criteria for the PNP is different based on whether  you apply through paper based non express entry streams or express entry streams – i.e if you’re going through the paper application you must meet the requirements of the province or territory’s non express streams and you must be nominated under that stream. Applicants going through the PNP for express entry, (also need to be selected) will have it stated on your nomination certificate.

You can apply for the PNP through two different avenues, either by contacting the province that agrees to nominate you and then creating an express entry profile if they agree to sponsor you or by creating an express entry profile and waiting for them to contact you. One you have listed the provinces or  territories you are interested in, they may get in touch by sending you a notification of their interest.

The application process is made up of the following stages:

  • Submitting an Express Entry Profile by creating an account
  • Getting an Express Entry Stream Nomination – you may already have one at this stage
  • Getting an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence (after accepting the nomination)
  • Filling out the Application  and determining which program you want to apply for

To apply for a PNP you must:

  • Apply to a territory or province for a nomination
  • Apply to CIC to become a permanent resident
  • Be nominated by that territory or province

Processing times for new Permanent Residence applicants can take on average 6 months  but if you are higher up on the list then you can fast track to express entry. The payment fees for this particular visa is $490 Canadian Dollars, and you will need to pay this before you can become a permanent resident.

A good place to start before applying PNP is to visit the Province or Territory website that you wish to locate to and see what they have to offer. Every province now also have their own seperate express entry streams that you can apply through, however express entry through PNP is still relatively new so processing times are not available as of yet.

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